About us

Matrix Business Solutions was established in 2008 by a group of young and dynamic professionals and engineers. Our directors have over 35 years of collective experience in the delivery of services and solutions in the ICT industry.

Our corporate culture is that we only promise what we can deliver. Our employee base consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals who focus on specialist areas and technologies. At Matrix Business Solutions, our services are delivered by both our permanent team along with our extensive associate base.

The portfolio of services offered by Matrix Business Solutions provides our customers with cost effective and resilient business solutions backed by extensive technical support from a single supplier.


At Matrix Business Solutions, our mission is simple. To be a leading ICT solutions provider and a key player in national and regional development using, appropriate and sustainable premium quality solutions provided by highly qualified and customer-responsive personnel.


ICT has favourably impacted the competitiveness of advanced economies and developing countries are increasingly recognising that if they are to gain a competitive advantage, they must take giant steps to keep abreast with this global revolution. Matrix Business Solutions aims to be among the African ICT companies that are spearheading this ICT revolution and pioneering information and communication technologies suited to the African business environment.